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Cosmetic/Facial Enhancement

In addition to the medical therapies listed above, Rejuvenis offers:




Mineral Makeup Application

Rejuvenis offers mineral makeup consultations and applications, including custom color matching and post surgery/treatment camouflage. Our 100% pure mineral makeup is very beneficial for the skin, does not clog the pores and can be applied soon after surgery.



Anti Aging and Skin Care Products

At Rejuvenis, Dr. Russo and his staff have selected the highest quality and most effective medical grade skin care products from a number of sources, including SkinCeuticals®, SkinMedica®, Regenica®, Revision® and EltaMD®.

Skin care products are recommended after a skin care evaluation by one of our Skin Care Specialists. Please feel free to discuss any questions you may have regarding skin care products with our Rejuvenis staff.