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Written by Dr. Russo

Autologous Fat Injections

The loss of facial volume and fullness is a natural part of the aging process. This occurs for a number of reasons including a decrease in collagen production and the loss of facial fat. These changes can cause the appearance of grooves or bags beneath the eyes, thinning in the cheek area, a sinking of the forward, and the appearance of nasolabial folds (“smiles lines”) around the mouth, in addition to fine lines and wrinkles throughout the facial area.

There are a number of treatments available to correct complaints associated with loss of facial volume, including injectable fillers and different types of facelifts. Autologous fat transfer is another treatment that is gaining popularity thanks to the permanent and natural results it provides. A skilled practitioner in treating facial volume loss, Dr. Russo can perform autologous fat injections as a standalone procedure in his Champaign office or in combination with a facelift at his surgical outpatient facility.

What is autologous fat transfer?

When the term “autologous” is used in medicine, it indicates that the material has been sourced from the patient’s own body. In the case of autologous fat injections for the face, the fat is first harvested from a part of your body, usually the abdomen, thighs or buttocks, and then injected into identified areas of the face to plump up the skin and add volume where it has been lost.

Autologous fat transfer is becoming increasingly popular because it is a very safe procedure that produces a natural result because it utilizes your own fat. Once injected, patients, cannot detect any difference between the transplanted fat and natural tissues. Because the fat comes from your body, there is no risk that the fat will be rejected; however, there is a small chance that the fat may be reabsorbed by the body, in which case a touch-up procedure may be required.

Treating the face with fat injections

Autologous fat injections can be used to treat a variety of facial complaints associated with loss of volume. The most popular places that fat injections are used include:

  • Eye region: As facial volume is lost from the cheeks and beneath the eyes, deep grooves can form under the eyes, causing the individual to look permanently tired. While makeup can hide darkness beneath the eyes, it cannot erase these grooves. Fat injections can be used to fill in these grooves and even out the space beneath the eyes. After the procedure, don’t be surprised if friends and family comment on how much more awake and well-rested you appear!
  • Forehead and eyebrow region: Volume loss in the forehead and eyebrow region contributes to the formation of horizontal lines across the forehead and the appearance of “hooded” eyes. Fat injections can effectively plump up the region, thereby smoothing out lines and creases and providing a gentle lift to the eye area.
  • Mid face: When volume is lost in the mid face region, the cheeks may appear thin and/or sunken. Fat transfer can plump up the cheek area and restore the appearance of youthful beauty.
  • Lower face: Loss of volume in the lower face can contribute to drooping lips and the appearance of jowls around the jawline. Fat injections can gently help lift the lips and smooth out wrinkles and creases that appear in this area.

Consult with Dr. Russo at Rejuvenis

Dr. Russo, a double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, is committed to helping people in the Champaign-Urbana area achieve their cosmetic goals. He is highly experienced in administering a variety of injectable treatments designed to enhance the face by restoring lost volume. If this is an area of concern for you, we encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Russo today. During your initial consultation, he will discuss the options available to you and help you determine if autologous fat injections can provide the best results.

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Dr. Russo

Dr. Russo is the founder of Rejuvenis Med Spa. He developed a passion for lasers, fillers, and other non-cosmetic treatments during his over 30 years of practice in Champaign-Urbana. He started his career after completing an AAFPRS fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery. After many years of managing a busy surgical practice and med spa, Dr. Russo focuses his interest and practice on non and minimally-invasive facial and skin rejuvenation. Visit Rejuvenis Beauty today for experienced care in health, beauty, and wellness!

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