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Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins are small dilated blood vessels within the skin, which have a red, blue or purple color. They can appear on the legs, as well as the face. Isolated vessels can be effectively treated with either saline injection (sclerotherapy) or with light (intense pulsed light or laser). Both of these therapies damage the small blood vessel walls and cause spider veins to disappear over time. The most effective treatment for diffuse and/or multiple lesions is a combination of sclerotherapy and light. The most appropriate therapy is chosen depending on the size, location and character of the vessels.


Laser Leg Vein Treatment

Rejuvenis offers a number of laser, light and energy devices to treat unwanted blood vessels even on dark or tan skin.



This is an injection procedure for the removal of unsightly veins and capillaries, in which a substance, such as concentrated salt water, is introduced into the lumen of a blood vessel. This results in thrombosis (clotting) and subsequent fibrosis (scarring) and therefore disappearance of the vessel. This relatively pain free procedure is the standard for removal of capillaries and small veins. We use this technique along with various lasers to improve the appearance of the skin by removing or lessening unsightly blood vessels (broken capillaries).