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Post-Treatment Instructions

Care Following Shave Excision/Dermabrasion

1. Clean the area 3-5 times a day with mild cleanser or soap and water or half strength peroxide with water for removing more resistant exudate. You need to clean only once a day if keeping covered with a band-aid.

2. Apply a small amount of Bacitracin/ Aquaphor ointment over the area.

3. DO NOT LET SCAB/CRUST FORM. Increase cleaning frequency to gently soak off crust. DO NOT PICK THE AREA.

4.Continue cleansing and applying ointment until the area is healed, usually 5-10 days after the procedure. Contact Dr. Russo if the area had not healed within 10 days. The area will be pink for at least 2-4 months. This is normal.

5. The area will look worse 2-3 days following the procedure; this is also normal.

6. Care should be taken to use sunscreen to protect the area once the area has developed new skin. An SPF 30 or higher, broad-spectrum (UV-A & UV-B) sunscreen is recommended.

7. Call the office at 217-398-4856 if questions or problems arise.