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Post-Treatment Instructions

    Minor Surgery Post-Op Instructions

    If a dressing is covering your wound, you may remove it in 24 hours and resume normal hygiene to that area.

    If steri-strips (butterfly tapes) cover your wound, please keep it dry for 24 hours. Afterwards, you may resume normal hygiene to that area. If they come off before your return visit, simply keep the incision clean and you may cover it with a Band-Aid if you wish.

    Apply prescribed ointment as your doctor recommends.

    If a splint has been used, please keep it clean and dry and do not remove.

    If a drain and bulky dressing have been used. Please keep the dressing clean, do not remove any part or trim any sutures until your return visit.

    The incision will show some bruising or swelling. There may be some discomfort. Take the prescribed pain medication if the pain is not relieved by acetaminophen (Tylenol). Adjacent areas such as eyelids, forehead, and lips may also swell when they are near the area of incision.

    Call Dr. Russo's office at (217) 398-4856 if excessive swelling, redness, increased pain or drainage occurs.

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    Dr. Russo

    Dr. Russo is the founder of Rejuvenis Med Spa. He developed a passion for lasers, fillers, and other non-cosmetic treatments during his over 30 years of practice in Champaign-Urbana. He started his career after completing an AAFPRS fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery. After many years of managing a busy surgical practice and med spa, Dr. Russo focuses his interest and practice on non and minimally-invasive facial and skin rejuvenation. Visit Rejuvenis Beauty today for experienced care in health, beauty, and wellness!

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