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Post-Treatment Instructions

    Skin Care Sheet for Erbium Resurfacing

    After the selected laser procedure (MicroLaserPeel, ProFractional, Erbium Resurfacing), wounds result that require special care. The following is a detailed description of how to care for your laser wound. Then after the wound has re-epithelialized (become covered with a new layer of skin cells) there are different instructions to care for the healing skin:

    1. After arriving home apply cold compresses to the face. For example, placing ice water in a bowl and using a soft, white washcloth applied gently to the face. This will help with swelling and inflammation, as the wound progresses.

    2. It is very important to keep the wound moist, since the laser procedure has taken off the top layer of skin that provides moisture as well as a barrier to the outside elements.Moisture is applied in the form of water either by compressing or laying a moist washcloth over the wound and replacing every 5-10 minutes. The moisture is held in by re-establishing a temporary barrier with a think layer of Petrolatum (white Vaseline) or other recommended balm. A THIN layer of Vaseline needs to be applied to the skin FREQUENTLY, including after each ice water compress or whenever the skin is dry. If the eye are is treated then Puralube is used around the eyes instead, as Vaseline may cause irritation if it inadvertently gets into the eye.

    3. Beginning the next morning, the wounds need to be cleansed either with water alone or with a mild cleanser such as Cetaphil or Dove unscented. However since this is a wounded area it is important not to rub, but to use soft rolling motions to allow the skin to peel off without causing a scab or bleeding, this can in turn cause scarring. If the skin is too tender, then a moist, soft washcloth can be layed over the wound for about 30 minutes, changing the cloth every 5-10 minutes.

    4. To minimize the chance of infection apply Acetic Acid (1/4%) compresses to the wounds, twice daily, morning and night, as part of the wound care regimen. First use cool water compresses, then acetic acid compresses, followed by cool water compresses.

    Depending on the depth of the treatment, you will continue this wound care for 3-5 days, or until the wound is covered with a new layer of skin and is no longer open. Different areas of the face resurface more rapidly than others, and it's not unusual for the skin around the mouth and eyes to be the last to heal, and therefore require wound care for a longer time. Once the skin has resurfaced the redness will begin to fade to pink and then normal skin color. How fast this occurs also depends on the depth of the treatment.

    After the wound is re-epithelialized (covered with a new layer of skin), wound care will then change as detailed below:

    1. At this time you can then apply a thin layer of Ceramide or the Recovery Complex.

    2. Also, since the wound is healed, you may apply make-up over the above products. We suggest a mineral make up such as Jane Iredale or our new post-treatment cover up Oxygenetix.

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    Dr. Russo

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