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Reduced Double Chin Before and After

A double chin is a buildup of excess fat and loose skin in the neck area behind the chin. As a result, this gives the appearance of a second our double chin. Many times a double chin is caused by obesity or genetics. Additionally, it is also natural to have loose, sagging skin on the neck due to aging that gives one a double chin. If you suffer from an unsightly double chin then continue reading to learn about how to get rid of it.

There are many ways to treat a double chin. Below, we will examine some common procedures that treat this condition.

Procedure Description Recovery
Chin Implants Our chin can appear set back which can cause the neck to look flabby and fleshy. A chin implant is a great method to treat this condition because it gives the chin a more defined structure and improves the neckline tremendously. On average, the recovery time for chin implant procedure is about seven – ten days. All exercises and strenuous activities must be avoided until after the third week.
Kybella This is a fat melting substance that is injected into the treatment area and destroys the underlying fat cells.. There’s typically no downtime required afterwards and any swelling that may occur due to the injection will disappear within several days
CoolSculpting CoolSculpting uses cooling technology to freeze fat cells. These cells then die and the body naturally eliminates them. There is no downtime associated with the treatment, so you can resume your usual activities immediately.
Ultherapy Ultherapy is an ultrasound-based treatment which stimulates the body’s natural collagen growth and causes the skin to tighten and look plump. Since Ultherapy is non-invasive, there is no recovery period.
Neck Liposuction Neck liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat from under the chin. Performed under local anesthesia, neck liposuction involved inserting cannulas through tiny incisions to remove the fat. Patients can go home the same day as surgery. In general, patients are able to return to normal activities after removing sutures 1 week post surgery.

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About author - Dr. Russo

Dr. Russo

Dr. Russo is the founder of Rejuvenis Med Spa. He developed a passion for lasers, fillers, and other non-cosmetic treatments during his over 30 years of practice in Champaign-Urbana. He started his career after completing an AAFPRS fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery. After many years of managing a busy surgical practice and med spa, Dr. Russo focuses his interest and practice on non and minimally-invasive facial and skin rejuvenation. Visit Rejuvenis Beauty today for experienced care in health, beauty, and wellness!

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