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Have you ever had any reaction to local or general anesthesia?


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Are you currently or have you ever been treated or diagnosed for any of the following? (Please mark all that apply).

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Rheumatic HeartThyroid disorder/ GoiterDiabetesPoor circulationHeart murmrAngina/Chest painHeart attackHigh Blood pressureStrokeHeadaches/MigrainesChronic FatigueFibromyalgiaLatex allergyCold Sores/Fever blistersKidney DiseaseAsthmaHay fever/ Nasal allergiesLung/Chest problemsHerniaUlcersArthritisLupus/ SclerodermaHIV/AIDSGall bladder disordersDepressionNervous breakdownPsychiatric or "nerve" problemsSeizures/ ConvulsionsAnemiaBleeding tendenciesScarringStaph InfectionVision changesEye problemsSkin Conditions (irritation/rashes/infections)AlcoholRecreational DrugsParalysis/ NumbBell's PalsyEasy BruisingFibrocystic disease

Hepatitis/ Jaundice


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ABCNot applicable



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Do you have any other medical problems that have not been covered?


Do you realize every operation is followed by a period of healing before the tissue returns to normal and a final result is apparent?


Do you understand that the objective of any cosmetic surgery is improvement in appearance, not perfection?


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Information contained here will not be released except when you have authorized us to do so. Please answer all questions to the best of your knowledge. The information provided by you will be used by your doctor in making decisions regarding your care.

I authorize my physician and/or administrative and clinical staff to telphone or otherwise contact me (or the responsible party) regarding appointments, treatment information, or any other details related to patient therapy and treatment.

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A note to our "injectable" (toxin and filler) patients,

Thank you for visiting Rejuvenis Beauty. At Rejuvenis Beauty, patient satisfaction is our first priority. We appreciate your confidence in us, and to our returning patients, your loyalty. To ensure we meet your scheduling needs in this time of higher than usual demand for appointments with Dr. Russo, we ask patients to schedule future appointments well in advance. For our returning patients we recommend you schedule your next appointment at the end of your appointment while checking out.