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Written by Dr. Russo

Dr. Russo frequently consults with patients who like the overall shape and structure of their nose, but desire a subtle improvement to the tip of their nose. When a nose is otherwise well proportioned and shaped, very small changes can be made to just the nasal tip. While the changes are subtle, their impact is often substantial. A very small change to the tip of the nose can have a big positive impact on the rest of the face.

Common Complaints Related to the Nasal Tip

When it comes to the nasal tips, complaints generally fall into one of a few categories. The most common reasons people request nasal tip rhinoplasty include:

  • Overly round or bulbous nasal tip
  • Boxy nasal tip
  • General lack of definition
  • Fleshy nasal tip
  • Droopy or “hooked” nasal tip

The Goal: Better Definition the Nasal Tip

Overwhelmingly, the goal of nasal tip rhinoplasty is to the nasal tip so it has better definition and appears more elegant. When the nasal tip is too bulbous, it can give the face an overly childlike appearance. By correcting the nasal tip, the individual can enjoy a more refined appearance that better complements their facial structure. In his approach to nasal tip rhinoplasty, Dr. Russo strives to preserve the natural appearance and structure of the nose, while creating better definition of the tip.

Refining the Nasal Tip through Rhinoplasty

During nasal tip rhinoplasty, Dr. Russo will alter the lower cartilages of the nose. Sutures draw the nasal tip closer together and create a more refined appearance. Dr. Russo tailors each nasal tip rhinoplasty to suit the unique needs of the patient, with the goal of creating a natural appearance and minimizing downtime afterwards.

After Your Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty

Nasal tip rhinoplasty is a very demanding and complex surgery. When performing this procedure, Dr. Russo is working within a small area that greatly impacts the overall appearance of the face. While the procedure is demanding for the surgeon, it tends to be an easier procedure for the patient than traditional rhinoplasty. The amount of swelling and bruising after nasal tip rhinoplasty is far less than that associated with a rhinoplasty designed to correct the entire nose.

Schedule a Consultation

Nasal tip rhinoplasty is a straightforward procedure that can dramatically improve your appearance. If you find yourself obsessing over the shape of your nasal tip, we encourage you to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Russo at our Champaign, IL office. His meticulous approach to rhinoplasty and his extensive experience in enhancing the nasal tip provide him with the skills required to create the appropriate nasal form for your face.