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Written by Dr. Russo

Dr.Russo and Dr.Demaio - photo

Recently, Dr. Russo attended a Master Class led by plastic surgeon Dr. Mauricio de Maio from São Paulo, Brazil.  Dr. de Maio is the world’s leading expert on the injection of Voluma XC,a world renowned plastic surgeon and highly skilled filler injector. 


Dr. Russo was thrilled to be chosen to study with Dr. de Maio who pioneered the use JUVÉDERM including Voluma XC for facial rejuvenation, achieving natural results through volume restoration. During the class, Dr. Russo had one-on-one instruction with Dr. de Maio for the course of the whole day which  involved the analysis of patients, discussion of the analysis, development of a proposed treatment plan as well as actually treating the patient and having it critiqued by Dr. de Maio.


Dr. Russo has been treating patients with Voluma XC since it was FDA approved in the late fall of 2013. Although Dr. Russo has become one of the top injectors of Voluma in the state of Illinois, he learned a lot of nuances about facial analysis and how to apply that analysis to improve his injection techniques to the face.  The improved techniques give Dr. Russo the ability to maximize the patient’s injectable treatment outcomes.  He is excited about helping his injectable patients achieve their facial rejuvenation goals with the knowledge he gained from this extraordinary class.